Hon'ble Minister IPH

Sh. Mahender Singh Thakur

Sh. Mahender Singh Thakur
Hon'ble Irrigation & Public Health Minister

Son of late Shri Bali Ram; born at Chanjyar (Richhli), Distt. Mandi on 22nd February 1950; Intermediate, Merrut University (UP); Married to Smt. Parmila Devi; One son and two daughters; Ex-Serviceman and Horticulturist.
Involved in construction of temples and helping poor people in solemnizing their marriages.Joined Dogra Regiment on 15 January, 1969; took part in Indo-Pak war 1971 and sought discharge from the Army in 1973.
Elected to State Legislative Assembly in February 1990 as an Independent; elected again in 1993 as Congress candidate, in 1998 on H.V.C. ticket, in 2003 as Lok Tantrik Morcha (H.P.) candidate, and in 2007 on B.J.P. ticket. For being elected to the Assembly in five consecutive elections, on five different election symbols, has been recommended for entry in to the Guinness Book of World Record.
Remained Vice President, HVC, 1997-2002; President, H.P Lok Tantrik Morcha,2003-04; Minister of Rural Development, Panchayati Raj, P.W.D., and Excise & Taxation during 1998 to December 4, 2000; and Chairman, Estimates Committee and Member of various House Committees before being appointed Transport Minister on 9 July, 2009 and remained such till December, 2012.Again elected to the State Legislative Assembly for the sixth time in 2012. He has been elected to the state Assembly for the record seventh term in December 2017 from Dharampur and is presently the Irrigation & Public Health,Horticulture and Sanik welfare Minister.

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